10 week 9: R Bootcamp I

4/1/2021 Thursday

Prepare for Class (preferably in this order):

  • Work through Chapters 1-2 in Jockers’ Text Analysis with R
  • Read Chapters 1-2 in Arnold and Tilton’s Humanities Data in R. Chapter 2 gives a very concise introduction to the main data structures in R. Don’t worry if you are not able to grasp all of it immediately, things will become clear during the next weeks.


In order to learn programming in R through a book, it is not enough to only read the text. “Working through” these chapters means you will have to execute all the commands described in the book in RStudio. Even if you have a digital copy of the book, don’t copy the commands into RStudio, but type them; copying will not teach you much.

Submit Before Class:

  • Stylo exercise: see instructions here

In class:

  • Weekly Reading Report: Meryem.
  • First discussion about the final projects
  • practising R, using Jockers as a guide.