4 Week 3: Corpus Construction and Computational Textual Analysis in Islamicate Studies

2/11/2021 Thursday

Prepare for Class:

  • Savant, Sarah Bowen. “The History of Arabic books in the digital age.” British Academy Review Summer 2016: 42-45. [Course Google Drive]
  • Romanov, Maxim. “Toward Abstract Models for Islamic History.” In The Digital Humanities + Islamic Middle Eastern Studies, edited by Elias Muhanna, 117–149. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016. [Course Google Drive]
  • Bulliet, Richard. Conversion to Islam in the Medieval Period. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1979, 1-32.
  • Watch eScriptorium training video #2, “Best Practices for Training Data Production.”
  • Upload and OCR a test text.

In class:

  • Weekly reading report.
  • Collaboratory assignment on digital text production (bring your computers!).