OpenITI Youtube Account

The OpenITI YouTube account has guided tutorials on using eScriptorium as well as recordings of OpenITI-hosted lectures and teleconferences. Please see our account here or any of our eScriptorium tutorials below.

Islamicate Digital Humanities GitHub Site

The Islamicate Digital Humanities GitHub has syllabi for two university courses focused on Islamicate studies and digital humanities. The website also provides information about various programming languages (especially R) and tools used for computer-based textual analysis. Please see the website homepage here. Please see the syllabi for the 2021 and 2022 Islamicate World 2.0 courses here and here.


eScriptorium is developed by the eScripta team at Université Paris Sciences et Lettres. Please see their website in English or in French for more information about eScriptorium. OpenITI has also developed a written guide to eScriptorium, which can be found here, as well as video tutorials found on our YouTube page.

OpenITI Corpus

For more information on the OpenITI corpus, please visit its documentation page on the KITAB project website.