Copyright Questions

What is OpenITI’s policy on copyright?

In order to address possible copyright concerns regarding the digital texts produced in OpenITI CorpusBuilder, we have consulted with the legal literature, our advisory board, and legal experts. OpenITI’s position is that because the underlying historical Arabic and Persian texts uploaded to OpenITI date to 1900 or earlier, they are in the public domain. While there may be incidental copies made of surrounding materials when we convert modern editions of the historical texts into machine readable format, these will be excised from the text and deleted prior to public use. Moreover, there are substantial factors weighing in favor of a finding of fair use under U.S. law, including the fact that the use is transformative, non-profit, and educational. 

What to do if you think your copyright has been infringed?

OpenITI asks publishers that dispute the copyright of a specific text in the OpenITI corpus to contact us at to ask for the removal of the work.